DaVaun Sanders has resided in Phoenix, Arizona since 2002, where the local spoken word
community fostered his passion to pursue writing novels and screenplays. His first novel “The Seedbearing Prince” began as a dream vivid enough to play like a movie trailer. Deciding to write the debut work took some time, as it wasn't part of "The Plan," but the housing market collapse forced DaVaun's small design firm under in 2008.

He decided to step away from architecture and plunge into writing full-time, and is loving every minute as an indy publisher.
The Seedbearing Prince: Part I has reached as high as #1 on Amazon’s genre lists for Science Fiction and Epic Fantasy and is a perennial favorite in the top 100 downloads. DaVaun’s screenplay “Vault of Souls,” won the Grand Prize in Phoenix Comicon’s 2014 Short Script Competition.
DaVaun is currently hard at work editing Dayn Ro’Halan’s latest adventure, “The Course of Blades,” the third of six books in the World Breach series.

His favorite authors include Michael Crichton, Robert Jordan, Octavia Butler and Orson Scott Card.

For interview requests or other queries, feel free to contact DaVaun via email.

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