Dayn Ro'Halan World Breach all about World Breach!

11:01 PMDaVaun Sanders

While I couldn't have asked for a better year as a creator, one thing was missing in 2015...

...the next book in the World Breach series! Sometimes life intervenes. But in a good way, with insight into my story and where it's going that would never have appeared if I'd rushed it out last year.
While I have plenty of writing projects and new ideas I'm concurrently working on, the series that started it all simply won't let me go. There are three more intended books left to finish out Dayn's story, and I'm planning to release the latest one by the end of the year. If things go really well, I'll get to do some short stories, too.

The Adventures of Nassir and Pararsha, maybe. Before the Ring. Stay tuned!

Lastly, I'm also planning to commission more concept art that explores the World Belt, the Ring, Thar'Kur and of course--the torrent!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope to see you along for the ride. Here's a work in progress of Dayn--coursing, naturally. Background and colors to come in a later post.

Have a great 2016! Let me know what you're cooking up for the New Year!

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