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Mark Your Calendars! Digital Book Day is Monday, July 14th!

4:42 AMDaVaun Sanders

Hey family, just wanted to shoot an exciting heads up your way! My friend and fellow author Colby R. Rice clued me in on Digital Book Day, and I had to pass it along. The event is going down on Monday July 14th, so be sure to click the flyer below and browse for your next favorite author!

Don't ever let a free book discourage you as to the quality. Sure, there's bound to be some stinkers in the pile...but that can happen with a mega-author with a national ad campaign, or a an indy author sweating over a free blog and fan page on Facebook. Many indie authors don't have a huge marketing budget. A free ebook is our way of offering a handshake to your imagination. It's a low risk opportunity for you to find out if an author's style is appealing, or take the plunge on a series by checking out the free first book.

Did somebody say FREE first book of a series...?

Give it a read, you'll enjoy it! Part II is available here, and the third book will be out this summer! More to come soon.

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