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The World of Ara: Conceived in Arizona

4:30 PMDaVaun Sanders

Devil's Bridge in Sedona
I've always believed that on some level, art should reflect the environment in which it is conceived. A great writer is always recording material for his next masterpiece. Experience, mannerisms, interactions. If you are like me, your memory doesn't have an off switch.

For fans of my novel The Seedbearing Prince, most of my inspiration for the world of Ara comes from the vistas of Arizona.

Yeah, it's a desert. It's hot. The laws are scary. Still, I promise the state is worth a look. Sure, the Grand Canyon is the premiere bucket list item to check out if you visit the southwest. But you cannot miss Sedona! The red rocks and hikes are some of the most inspiring sights our planet can offer.

I'll post more concept stuff of Dayn's adventures throughout Ara and the rest of the World Belt. If you'd like to see more, definitely follow me on Pinterest. I look forward to following your boards about The Seedbearing Prince, too!

Hiking the West Fork with my girlfriend. Isn't she lovely?

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona. Peaceful, even with tourists everywhere.

You need to visit Sedona.

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