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The Writer As Sexy Beast

7:56 PMDaVaun Sanders

Terry Crews would play a great 'voidwalker'.
There is an Achilles' heel to writing. Any measure of success in this profession depends on how many hours you can sit your ass in the chair and do your work.

Check out "Limitless". Pretty entertaining and it's on Netflix. I love and hate the opening sequence of that movie. The main character is a writer, finishing out a manuscript, but his life is falling apart all around him. He looks like a bum. He's completely out of balance. I've been this guy, sans the drug problem.

I love getting out and being active. Most of my life I've played sports, gone hiking, camping--you name it. One day I'll get good at orienteering, too. So what a cruel twist of fate to fall in love with a vocation--writing--that has nothing to do with any of those things. I know many of my deskbound friends will agree.

Now I can't say I'm a big fan of the gym. It’s a necessary evil in order to keep my fitness level ready for emergencies (like getting chased by javelinas at work. Mean little suckers.) These days, let's just say I wouldn't be too hard to catch. My diet has been garbage. I watch documentaries like "Food Matters" while eating pizza and wings. My sleep cycle is instantly shot whenever I'm on a deadline. For the first time in my life, I’ve had a cough last longer than a week. My immune system is on strike! I'm pretty much turning into a low energy fat-ass.

So how to stay healthy, but also stay in the chair?

When you know better, you should do better. So this week, I'm starting a raw diet to see how my quality of life and productivity (two separate things) improve. I wish I could say some life-changing epiphany allowed me to finally act on all the health information I hoard. Truth is, my younger brothers challenged me to a six-pack contest. And like a fool, I accepted. Even though there is a ten year difference in our respective metabolisms and they do things like P90X in their free time. Sweet!

Sometimes you need a little incentive to motivate yourself. Even if it's just fear of public ridicule.

I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss. (Check out some great ways to make your office space burn fat at his blog.) I lost weight with his Slow Carb Diet, but want to cut out the dead animal matter I consumed so much of. We'll see how my body copes with alternate sources of protein over this next two or three months. Oh, and here's what my workouts are going to look like:

Writing is not a death sentence for being sexy. Even if it requires twenty hour days in front of a laptop. I’ve learned that tunnel vision on career success is not the answer. If I lose my health chasing best-seller status, what was the point?

Here’s the deal. Over the next three months, my goals are to self publish my first novel, finish another script, and transform my physique. I may not end up looking like Terry Crews but I'm going to win this ab contest or die trying. Baby steps. I'm a little shy, but I might be tempted to post before and after pictures on the blog. Even more incentive in my return to sexy beastliness.

My point in this post is simple. Go hard at what you do. But go equally hard at taking care of yourself.

Is your line of work hyper-sedentary? Share what hacks you use to stay healthy in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and own your day.

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